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Chocokdo is a free games site with more than 10,000 members whose themes are chocolate and sweets.

 On Chocokdo, you can earn points:

  •  by scratching scratch tickets (10 free rounds per day). Ex: Moelleux Coconut, Chocolate Fountain, Candy, ...
  •  by playing the site's internal lotto (1 game per day and 2 draws per week).
  •  special games accessible by validating codes (Choketos), except the lotto where you have 1 free game per day. Ex: Palmarès, BN at snack time and Choco Max.
  •  paid games accessible through ChocoCredits. Ex: ChocoBoite, ChocoLots and ChocoJackpot.
  •  games with bets if are 100% winner allowing to win from 10 to 150 Choco's (points) and each game costs 75 Choco's (points). Ex: Ticket CupCake, Donut's and Chocolate Heart.

 Chocokdo offers 2 internal contests on the site:

  •  Game of the month: if you play the free game (scratch ticket) of the month on Chocokdo, you will automatically participate in this monthly contest allowing you to win up to 15,000 additional Choco's (points) if you are one of the first 8 members of the rank.
  •  Validator contest: if you buy codes for this site, you can try to win up to 16 Choketos for the 1st member of the ranking. Note that the earnings vary according to the number of total codes validated over the month, but that this is clearly indicated on the site.

 On Chocokdo, you can also try to win the choco jackpot thanks to jackpot games (3 jackpot games per validated Choketos code).

 Finally, you will find the Choco's Cup (or in other words: a cup of clans) where you can create or join a clan to try to win additional Chocos.

Other infos

  • 10496 members
  • Country where the server is located : FR


Payment from 5 €

In the Chocokdo shop, you will find:
- codes for free game sites: AlienZ'+, AlienZ'++, AlienZ'Challenge, Carapass, Colt A, TopCode A, ...
- money: €5 or €10 available in the form of codes, checks, bank transfers or Amazon gift cards.

Payment processors available

  • Bank transfer
  • Bank check
  • Gift cards

Dernière preuve de paiement

No payment proof available for this site

Referral program

Referral on 1 level : 15% > 10%

You earn 15% of your referrals' earnings the first week, then 10% of their lifetime earnings.

Our opinion

A good free games site with a great design and a very responsive admin :-)

Note : 5 / 5

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