Social networks

When you start on the Internet and especially on social networks, you have no fan on the pages that you will create.
For Youtube, you have the same problem : little or no views on your videos and/or few fans on your YouTube channel.

To solve this problem, there are many sites that allow you to get likes, sharing, subscribers, views, ... very quickly on all social networks you want.

Among those supported, you will find : Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Youtube.
But other less known social networks and/or less used as : Reverbnation, StumbleUpon, ...

Warning : administrators of social networks are aware of the existence of these sites and some of these third party sites have closed. Although there are still many such sites.
So, use these sites intelligently and avoid asking thousands of fans per day. Otherwise, they will see that you are cheating.

For Youtube, using this type of site can block access for the remuneration of your videos, so think before you act.

It's possible to quickly obtain many fans, likes, sharing, ... with these sites.

Sites comparative

Name Server / Site Review / Status
Recommended FR-US AddMeFast
US | 5000000 5
Recommended FR-US Kono-Surf
DE | 2896
Powerful Exchange ...
US publish0x
US | 2000 Trusted
FR Likebaguette
FR | 2789 5
FR-US Echangedeclics
FR | 1672
FR Web Autosurf
DE | 21234 Unknown
US etrafficlane
US | 11662 Doubtful
US likeflow
US | 11450 Closed

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