About Online Money World

Online Money World is a very complete directory created by mondegains which lists all paid websites, interesting e-commerce and price comparison sites present on the web.
Then, Online Money World was designed to be always up to date.

With Online Money World, you can :

  • know the status (trusted, scam, ...) of a paid website in real-time
  • register on the best sites of the category of your choice thanks to the trusted sites recommended by Online Money World
  • consult the latest payment proofs available for the desired site
  • find new paid sites, new traffic exchange websites and new great deals available on the Internet

To make the site as complete and up-to-date as possible, many scripts have been programmed by mondegains.
Thanks to these scripts, all this is automatic :

  • Adding new sites to our database
  • Checking their status in real time from reliable information present on the Internet
  • Automatic addition of good deals, contests, ... from many sites and especially from social networks

Finally, Online Money World offers an extension for your web browser (Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome) that allows you to :

  • to know the status of the visited website in real time
  • to add new paid sites on OMW and to add your referral link on our site for 30 days for these sites.

In addition, by using our extensions, you participate for free to update our database.
In fact, if you visit a new paid site that does not yet exist in our database, it will be automatically added on Online Money World and its status will be checked directly and periodically (or every day if you return every day on it).

About mondegains

mondegains is the webmaster and programmer of Online Money World.

Since I have access to the Internet, I have always looked for ways to make money on the Internet.
Previously, I had created "Le monde du gain" (including my nickname : mondegains).
I managed this site a few years, but I ended up not updating it for lack of time.

Nevertheless, since the creation of "Le monde du gain", I always looked after the best paid sites. Sites I have found over time and to which I am still faithful.
Some of these sites have closed since, but most are still there and are still reliable. In addition, I also found other reliable sites that you will find on Online Money World at the top of the lists (sites with a yellow star on left = recommended by Online Money World).

In the past, my pocket money was limited and that is why I chose Forumactif to be able to create my forum "Le monde du gain" for free.

For Online Money World, it's now a professional and international site hosted on a paid host, and it will always be up to date.
Thanks to many scripts, but also because of my actions (bug fixes, scripts updates, manually adding sites, ...)

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