Promo codes and promotions

With the introduction of e-commerce, there was also the emergence of coupon codes (which corresponds to coupon that you can always find in physical stores).

On the Internet, it's the same : the site offers a coupon code, valid for a specified period (long or short) and valid on the entire site or only a part (a type of product, a specific brand, ...).

This allows you to save money easily.

Generally, promo codes are sent by mail and/or are posted on social networks and should be added just to the cart.

Promo codes have a limited validity period and allow you to save money depending on the time, brands, and sites.

Promo codes list

Site Name Promo code Expiration
Candysan 5% on your first order 224515406
LDLC BUDS 17/12/2024 22h59