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Codeotop is a site for buying or selling codes that can be used on different free gaming sites to win gifts.

On Codeotop, you will find more than 260 types of codes to buy and / or sell.
In addition, if the code type you want to sell doesn't exist on Codeotop, you can add it.

Buy codes

In order to buy codes, you must first deposit money into your Codeotop account.

For this, vou can choose between :

  • a premium call or SMS (via the StarPass system)
  • an online payment via Hipay
  • a bank transfer
  • validate one or more Topcode. (1 Topcode A = 0,20 € and 1 Topcode B = 0,70 €)

Note that Codeotop offers 3 Topcodes per day since the launch of its version 4.
This can allow you to buy codes for free on their site.

Important : If the purchased code doesn't work on the concerned site, Codeotop will refund you.

Sell codes

When a user buys a code that you have sold on Codeotop, the money is automatically transferred to your Codeotop account.
Then, you can transfer the money via a bank transfer, a check, an Amazon gift card or via Hipay.


Some statistics :

  • 15437 registered users
  • 261 referenced types codes
  • 1 436 525 codes sold
  • 78 672 codes for sale

Other infos

  • 15437 members
  • Site created in 2009
  • Country where the server is located : FR


Payment from 5 €

You can add money to your Codeotop account from :
- 2 € via Hipay
- 5 € via bank transfer

You can receive the money earned by selling codes from :
- 5 € for Amazon gift cards
- 10 € via bank transfer
- 20 € by bank check

Payment processors available

  • Bank check
  • Gift cards
  • Hipay Wallet
  • Bank transfer

Dernière preuve de paiement

9.9 €
9.9 €

Uniquement la dernière preuve de paiement est affichée

Referral program

Referral on 1 level : 1%

You earn 1% of the money earned from the sales of your referral.

Our opinion

Trusted site for buying and selling codes for free game sites (which is a good replacement for Codes-discount which closed).

Note : 5 / 5

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