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mailagenten is a site created by Spectos which pays you to control the delivery time of postal mail, brochures, ...

On mailagenten, you can register as a sender or recipient :

  • as a sender, you will need to post envelopes on specific dates.
  • as recipient, you will have to specify on which date you received your test letters.
    Note that the letters must remain at least 15 minutes in your mailbox, because there is an electronic component in each envelope.

Important : to be able to register on this site, you must be at least 18 years old, live in Belgium and be eligible according to your postal address. Indeed, there is a limitation concerning the number of registrants by region (province, city, ...).

Finally, if you register as a recipient, expect to receive envelopes almost every day with sometimes logos of known companies (electricity, gas, police, ...) where you may not be a customer.

Other infos

  • Site created in 2004
  • Country where the server is located : IE


Payment from 25 €

You can choose between : Carrefour gift cards and Sodexo gift cards.

Payment processors available

  • Gift cards

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Our opinion

mailagenten is a good site that pays you to control the delivery time of postal mail

Note : 3 / 5

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