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Wahoo (Konkours) (FR)

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Wahoo is a free software compatible with Windows and Mac created by Kow Media that allows you to participate in the contest in a few clicks.

Indeed, Wahoo will allow you to answer to questions of contests, as well as there specify your details in 1 single click.

For those who want to learn more about Kow Media, it's a Belgian company based at angleur created by 2 young entrepreneurs freshly out of the ULG (a Belgian university).

Thanks to Wahoo, you can participate quickly to contest accepting your country.

More you participate to contests via Wahoo, the more you will chance to win a gift thanks to the organizers of these contests.

In addition, every day, you can also try your luck for free on their wheel. Which will allow you to earn points exchangeable gifts.

More you participate to contest, the more you increase in levels in Wahoo. Knowing, that each change level, you will get bonuses (wheel chances and free points).

Finally, be aware that there is also a mobile application of the same name on the play store for Android smartphones.

The mobile app is not available on iOS, as this is prohibited by Apple.

Other infos

  • 1000000 members
  • Site created in 2009
  • Country where the server is located : DE


Payment from 1 €

In store, you will be able to exchange your points against :
- a Win For Life Mini
- a set of 3 Win For Life Mini
- a remote control micro drone
- alcohol (champagne and wine) if you have at least 18 years old
- a smartphone : Samsung Galaxy S8 and iPhone X 64 GB
- various gadgets and accessories

Latest payment's proofs

Payment proofs for closed sites have been removed from the server to save disk space.

Referral program

Referral on 1 level : 25 tours de roue (25 wheel chances)

You get 25 wheel turns per active referral to try to earn extra points redeemable for gifts.

Our opinion

This is the program for you if you are a contest fan.

Note : 4 / 5

Review published on 31 October 2018 UTC by