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Created in July 1994, Amazon has become the best known and most used online shopping site on the web.
Indeed, Amazon receives on average 19 million visitors per month.
In other words, 1 out of 3 French user consults it every day.

Currently, Amazon is one of the big 4 of the Internet alongside Google, Facebook and Apple.

Amazon, it's :

  • more than 200 million different references
  • all types of products : Hight-Tech products (smartphones, smart TVs, connected objects, ...), DIY items, clothing, food, accessories, ...
  • deliveries in record time
  • XXL buildings (warehouses) where 30 million products are stored in France
  • a revolutionary logistics to increase the number of orders processed, packed and shipped per day
  • the possibility of shipping more than 1.4 million packages in France on Black Friday
  • deliveries in less than 24h on Christmas day (december 24th)

The largest warehouse of Amazon is located in Lauwin-Planque (near Lille) in France and its size is 90,000 m2.
This equates to 16 football fields.

In this warehouse, there are more than 2 million different references. This equates to 2,000 hypermarkets.

To avoid unpleasant surprises, each item is checked during the preparation of your order.
Then, each package is automatically weighed and checked to ensure that the products are the right ones and that they are not missing.
This avoids returning packages unnecessarily and also avoids the customer and Amazon from wasting time.

To improve the management of products and orders, each (physical) site of Amazon is specialized in one type of products.

In short, at Amazon, everything is done to automate and improve the management of products, packages, orders and storage of products.

To find out more about the hidden side of Amazon, watch the video below :

Source : RMC documentary of 2016 (see video above).

Other infos

  • Country where the server is located : US


You can pay by :
- credit card (VISA)
- blue e-Carte
- Amazon gift card
- Bancontact (new - 12/2018)

Payment processors available

  • Bank transfer
  • Credit cards
  • Gift cards

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    Amazon has become the best known and most used online shopping site on the web

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