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Origin is the legal and official download platform of Elecronic Arts (EA).

Thanks to Origin, you will be able to buy quickly and without risk the different games created by Electronic Arts, as well as their DLC.

On Origin, you will find these games :

  • Battlefield
  • FIFA
  • Need for Speed
  • SimCity
  • Star Wars Battlefront
  • The Sims
  • and more.

Thanks to the Origin access subscription (costing € 3.99 per month or € 24.99 per year), you can play as much as you want at more than 70 games.
In addition, by subscribing to Origin access, you will also be able to try the new Electronic Arts (EA) games before they are released and get 10% off on your Origin purchases.

Sometimes, Origin also offers complete free games and extensions for a limited time.
The advantage is that if you add it to your Origin account while this game is free, you can continue playing it for life (even when it disappears from free games).
Note : this is completely free and doesn't require a paid subscription from Origin.

Other infos

  • Country where the server is located : NL


You can pay via :
- Visa/Visa Debit
- Visa Electron
- MasterCard
- Discover
- American Express
- PayPal
- PaySafeCard
- Trustly
- Ukash
- Direct Debit
- EA Cash Card and your EA Wallet Balance

However, some payment methods may not be available depending on your country.

Payment processors available

  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Paysafecard (Ukash)

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    Our opinion

    Origin is the legal and official download platform of Elecronic Arts (EA).

    Note : 5 / 5

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