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PriceMinister is an online shopping site created in 2000 that was then bought by the Rakuten Japanese group.

In 2015, PriceMinister was the 6th most visited online e-commerce in France.

Unlike traditional e-commerce sites, PriceMinister allows everyone (both individuals and professionals) to sell their products online (whether they are second-hand or new).

Unlike classified ad sites (eg LeBonCoin), the purchase is made remotely (via the Internet) and not at home (in the field).

This allows PriceMinister to offer many products at different prices (expensive or cheap), but it also means that you shouldn't order the eyes closed on this site.
Indeed, as on eBay (which was used in the past), products can be sold by serious sellers, but there may also be scams.

It's for this reason that each buyer is invited to note the seller, as well as the products bought to allow other users to know if this vendor is reliable or not.

Other infos

  • 4.8 / 10

  • Country where the server is located : FR


You can pay by :
- bank card or credit card
- CADO cards
- bank transfer
- Cofidis
- PayPal
- Paylib
- MasterPass
- Cofinoga card

Payment processors available

  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer

Our opinion

Sales site between individuals and professionals to resell used products, as well as new products.

Note : 4 / 5

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Review published on 17 August 2017 UTC by mondegains