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Mesfournisseurs is a Belgian price comparison site that allow individuals and companies to save money for their subscriptions :

  • energy : electricity and gas
  • phone : GSM subscriptions and landline
  • Internet and TV : Internet packs, Internet, mobile Internet and digital TV
  • savings : account term and booklet savings (for individuals only)
  • payments : prepaid credit cards and credit cards (for individuals only)

Mesfournisseurs is completely free and independent and allows you to compare more than 750 products provided by 80 providers.

For each category of services, this comparison site will allow you to choose :

  • energy : choose a subscription has electricity and/or natural gas
  • phone : choose subscription adapted to the desired package
  • Internet and TV : what kind of pack desired (Internet, phone, TV, ...), desired connection speed, ...
  • savings : what kind of booklet savings, the contract period, ...
  • pay : credit card type, ...

In July 2018, Mesfournisseurs also references 210 promotions and more than 16,800 consumer reviews.

Other infos

  • Country where the server is located : NL


Our opinion

Very convenient to save money on your Internet, telephone, electricity, ... subscription

Note : 4 / 5

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Review published on 21 October 2018 UTC by mondegains