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Online Money World is a directory created by mondegains.
Online Money World Is also a website where the content is available free of charge and without registration.

Finally, Online Money World is not a commercial site or a paid site, But only a site referencing sites where you can earn money.

Privacy policy

Online Money World doesn't collect any personal information (name, first name, e-mail address, ...).

The only data saved when you propose a new site is your IP address.
However, this IP address is saved only saved for security reasons.

Intellectual property

As indicated at the bottom of the site, any total or partial reproduction of this site is prohibited.
In other words, you can't copy our articles, our reviews, ... on your own website.


In order to improve our site and know the types of paid sites that interest you most, we use cookies created by third-party services.
In particular, those of Google Analytics that allow us to know the statistics of our site and therefore propose you content better suited to your expectations.

By surfing on Online Money World, you also accept cookies that will be created by other online services (including : advertising).

Finally, to propose only the sites accessible in your country, we use the GeoLite2 database created by MaxMind. This database is available from www.maxmind.com.

Limitations of Liability

We can not be held liable for loss of money due, for example, to the dependence on gambling.

We also decline all responsibility in case of loss of time and/or money invested on a site that would not pay.
Although we strive to verify the proposed sites, in various ways, the zero risk doesn't exist.
Also, be aware that you are free to choose the type of paid sites you want.

Note : to avoid losing money with the proposed sites, prefer those located in the "Money (safely)" section of our site.

Payment proofs

To prove the seriousness of the proposed sites, Online Money World only publishes its own proofs of payment on the reviews that you will find here.

Note that we only list the last 10 payment proofs available for each site.


Online Money World contains no viruses and all its content is hosted on the same server for better security.
However, we can't guarantee that the paid sites referenced on our site don't currently contain viruses nor in the future.

If you register on known sites and/or hosted in a country that is part of Europe, the risk of viruses will be low.
However, for sites hosted in distant countries (which is the case for paid click or PTC sites), we strongly recommend that you keep your anti-virus software up-to-date to surf on them.

Finally, you agree to use our site without attempting to modify its original operating mode.
Any attempt may lead to a definitive ban.

Our website doesn't contain viruses and has been tested by :

Info about our extensions for web browsers

By using our extensions for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, you agree to the terms of use of our site, as well as the information below.

Privacy policy

To be able to check the status of paid sites visited with your web browser, our extension need to check all sites (except common sites : such as webmail, search engines, ...) to know if it's a paid site referenced on Online Money World or not.
By using our extensions for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome, you agree that the domains of the visited sites are sent to our site for verification.

If the checked domain corresponds to a known or potential paid site, a new review will be automatically created for this domain and your IP address will be saved in DB, because you will be the originator of this automatic addition.
Otherwise, no data will be saved in the database.

Reviews submissions

By submitting a review (from one of our extensions for web browsers or from our website), you agree that this review belongs to us permanently.
This means that Online Money World will legally become the original author of the review.

In case of further copy of it on your personal website, we will request its removal for plagiarism because Online Money World is now the original author.

Note : when you submit a review on Online Money World (from our website or our extension), your referral link will be added for 30 days.

IMPORTANT : reviews proposed by the Internet users are published on Online Money World, only if their quality is sufficient and they have not been copied/pasted from the Internet.