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Otohits is a traffic exchange site which was launched in May 2013 and which is at the moment the traffic exchange site which generates the most visits on the web.


Indeed, to prove its effectiveness, here are some statistics about it :

  • + 13 billion visits generated by Otohits since its opening in 2013
  • about 33 million visits generated in 1 week
  • Otohits owns more than 117,000 members.
  • more than 106 000 sites are currently validated on Otohits, including more than 23 000 trusted sites and more than 57 000 PTP pages.

Traffic exchange

Currently, Otohits offers 2 types of surfing :

  • classic surfing from a web browser with a 60-second timer and a 100% ratio (1 second = 1 credit)
  • surfing from an application

Currently, Otohits offers surfing applications for :

  • Windows desktops
  • VPS and servers running 24 hours a day
  • PCs under Linux
  • Macs (application available in Beta version)

Promote your website

To promote your website with Otohits, simply add it in the "My Sites" section of your Otohits account.

When you add a site to Otohits, you must specify or choose these options :

  • the site url
  • the category that corresponds to your site (safe, PTP, adult, ...)
  • the duration in seconds that your site will be displayed in the traffic exchange system (web and / or application).
    Note : the delay can be set between 10 and 600 seconds.
  • hide the referer or not.
    Warning : some PTP require a real referer to credit your points.
  • application only : if you wish to promote your site only on Otothis applications or also on the web version.

Note: sites are validated in less than 24h (max 48h).
In addition, Otohits has a complete white list that enables them to automatically validate some sites.


On Otohits, you will find 2 monthly contests :

  • surf contest : earns up to 4,000,000 points or up to € 30 for the best surfer on the site.
  • referral contest: the winnings are identical, but this time, these winnings will be for the best sponsors of the site.

Other infos

  • 117122 members
  • Type : Automatic
  • Ratio : 1:1
  • 60 credit(s) / 60s
  • Site created in 2013
  • Country where the server is located : FR


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Referral program

Referral on 1 level : 10%

Our opinion

Otohits is the traffic exchange site that generates the most visits on the web.

Note : 4 / 5

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