ExoClick is an ad network that is currently the 4th largest advertising network in the world with a presence around the world.


As a publisher, this will allow you to earn as much money as possible, because ExoClick will inevitably find an advertiser that matches the content available on your website.
In addition, ExoClick can bypass adblocking solutions, such as Adblock, for example.

To help you include their ads on your website, ExoClick offers a variety of ad formats (banners, emails, push notifications, ...) and a zones system manageable directly from your ExoClick account.


As an advertiser, you will be able to easily target the desired audience, as well as in which countries and when to advertise it.

ExoClick allows you to promote an advertising campaign from € 20 and allows you to recharge your account via Paypal without deposit limit.

Other infos

As a publisher and as an advertiser, you will of course have access to real-time statistics as well as 24/7 support.

In addition, ExoClick supports HTTPS, which is not always the case in other advertising agencies.

Other infos

  • Country where the server is located : NL


Payment from 200 €

As a publisher, you can receive your earnings from € 200 via :
- bank transfer
- crypto-currencies
- ePayments
- Paxum
- PayPal
- WebMoney

As an advertiser, you will be able to deposit money into your ExoClick account via PayPal.

Payment processors available

  • Paxum
  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer
  • WebMoney

Latest payment's proofs

No payment proof available for this site

Referral program

Referral on 1 level : 5%

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