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PayPal is the best known online payment method and the most used on the Internet.
Indeed, many online shopping sites (e-commerce) and most paid sites use it.

For online shopping

If you often buy on the Internet, PayPal will allow you to pay for your purchases very easily with your email address and the password of your PayPal account.

To pay with PayPal, there are 2 possibilities :

  • recharge your PayPal account by making a bank transfer from your bank account to your PayPal account.
    IMPORTANT : you need to specify your account number in your PayPal account to allow PayPal to know that the money received should be credited to your PayPal account.
  • or link your credit card to your PayPal account. So, when you pay with PayPal, your bank account will be automatically debited of the amount of the purchase.

Tip : To get money in your PayPal account, you can also register on paid sites that pay through PayPal. Thus, you will receive money in your PayPal account for free.

To receive the money earned on paid websites

Since PayPal is a popular and famous payment method, it's also used by most of the paid sites. For example : surveys sites, GPT sites or other.

To receive money on your PayPal account, simply indicate your PayPal email address (the one you use to log in to the PayPal site) on the paid site where you register.
Then, you are free to spend this money on the Internet or transfer it to your bank account.

Other infos

  • Country where the server is located : US


Our opinion

This is the most popular and safest payment method existing on the Internet.

Note : 5 / 5

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Review published on 17 August 2017 UTC by mondegains