BanditLand (FR)

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BanditLand is a free Western-themed games site.

Currently, BanditLand offers :

  • 4 free games : the small jackpot, the code jackpot, the big jackpot and the games jackpot.
  • 4 paid games that allow you to earn more points
  • 4 clan games (you must be a member of a clan to play them)
  • 4 bonus games, including a grid and a bingo.

On BanditLand, you will also find :

  • a super-sponsored system called "Super Sheriff".
  • a system of super-sponsors for the clans named "Super Marshall".
  • a clans cup to win thousands of points.
  • an event ticket that allows you to win the jackpot in 1 ticket.
  • a validating contest to win a gift.
  • paid clicks to earn additional points.

Other infos

  • 950 members
  • Site created in 2016
  • Country where the server is located : FR


Payment from 10 €

In the shop, you will find :
- Hipay payments starting at 5 €
- Amazon gift cards of € 20
- the possibility to choose your gift on Amazon (from 10 €)
- codes packs for BanditLand
- the possibility of promoting your favorite site in the bonus section of the site.
- codes for other gaming sites
- and more.

Among the available codes (17 types of codes available), you will find :
- CaraPass and CaraChallenge
- TopCode A and TopCode B
- Mafia codes
- Mini jackpacks and Jackpack++
- Alienz++
- Packooz L and Packooz XL
- Funnycodes
- Mini Ghosts
- Wheels and Wheels+
- Colt A and B, as well as Mini Colt for this same site.

Warning: you can only order one gift per day.

Payment processors available

  • Gift cards
  • Hipay Wallet
  • PayPal
  • Mobiyo (AlloPass / HiPay Mobile)
  • Bank transfer

Dernière preuve de paiement

Payment proofs for closed sites have been removed from the server to save disk space.

Referral program

Referral on 1 level : 5 parties

You receive 5 games for paying games each time a referral registers via your referral link.

Our opinion

Very good free games site that pays

Note : 4 / 5

Review published on 17 August 2017 UTC by