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  • 23 December 2021 at 20:29 UTC
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If you are looking for a trusted survey site that allows you to earn quick money, we recommend the "Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions)" site.

  1. Main advantages of Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions)
  2. Register on Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions)
  3. Complete your profile (to receive surveys)
  4. Take paid surveys on Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions)
  5. Get a reward on Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions)

1. Main advantages of Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions)

Paid surveys offered by "Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions)" are remunerated at least € 0.75 each and this site offers several surveys each day.
In addition, these surveys are of good length. Neither too long nor too short.
This means that you will quickly earn a few euros each day without having to spend your day on this site.

In addition, unlike other sites, if you complete your profile correctly in your "Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions)" account, you will never be excluded in the middle or at the end of a survey.
Of course, there may be times when your profile is not appropriate for the survey you want to complete, but on this site it will be quite rare.
And if that happens, it will happen at the very beginning of the survey. This will prevent you from wasting time on these surveys which don't correspond to you.

Here is a small example of the surveys available today on this site, as you can see, we have 4 surveys where the pay varies between € 0.75 and € 1.50 in this case.
Over the last 3 months, the remuneration has always remained between € 0.75 and € 1.50.

2. Register on Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions)

Convinced ? So, register quickly for free on the Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions) site.
As you can see, you just need to fill in some basic information about yourself.
Note that it's important that these data are true, because your date of birth and your postal code (not your complete address) will very often be asked at the beginning of each survey to know if your profile corresponds to the one sought in the paid survey. that you are trying to complete.

In addition, the postal code can be used to send gift cards that you will order later thanks to the money earned on Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions).

Then, choose a security question and enter an answer for it.
These 2 pieces of information will be useful to you only to recover access to your account in case you forget your password.

3. Complete your profile (to receive surveys)

Once registered on Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions), the first very important thing to do is to complete your profile.
Indeed, to offer you paid surveys that concern you, the "Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions)" site needs information about you.

For example : how many people live in your home, your average annual income, your travel habits, your eating habits, ...

Thanks to these informations, Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions) will be able to send you paid surveys concerning travel, cigarettes, food shopping, ...
The goal of the "Dynata" (marketing research firm managing this "Your Opinion" site) is to be able to help companies learn about the habits of people like you on different subjects, products and/or services.
In your case, this allows you to give your opinion on these topics, products and/or services (depending on the surveys offered) and also earn a reward in euros for each survey completed.

To complete your profile, go to the "Surveys" section of the site and click on the "Complete my profile" button.

A page will appear where you can fill out your profile for different topics.
This process is to be done only once and it will allow you to receive surveys which correspond to you and for which you will therefore not be excluded (or very rarely).
In my case, I can complete 99% of the surveys that Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions) offers me. Indeed, it's really rare that this site excludes me from a survey.

Important : fill in the real informations when you complete your profile.
Indeed, it's essential that the informations you provide via their paid surveys are the same as that provided in your profile.

On "Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions)", the sections of the profile are as follows : Business, Personal and family life, Insurance, ...

Among the questions proposed for your profile, you will find in particular the one concerning your gross annual income.
This question will come up very often in the surveys offered by "Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions)" and allows them to sort the data collected according to the average income of the different households where their members reside.
However, be aware that statistics are treated globally and will therefore never target you personally. The goal is always to take an average so that companies can know if a particular product or service is suitable or not for most people according to their age, their income, ...

Always for the purpose of statistics, your level of studies will be asked.
Again, this question will come up in most paid surveys that will be offered to you.

You can also specify if you work or if you are a student.

They will also ask you if you have children or not.
This will allow them to send you or not surveys concerning products, services or children's TV channels, for example to find out which cartoons, series, characters, ... are of most interest to children according to their age.

You can also specify if you have pets and if you usually do the shopping for your household.

You can also specify whether or not you smoke.
This will allow "Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions)" to know if they should send you the paid surveys concerning cigarettes or not.

Once the profile is completed, the percentage will be 100%.

Nown, your profile is complete.

Completing your profile and completing surveys will allow you to earn different badges in your account and level up.
What will allow you to earn more money thanks to this site.

As you can see a little further down the page, the payment threshold is only 10 € and a quick survey (unpaid) is also present.

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