Earn quick money with Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions) surveys

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  • 23 December 2021 at 20:29 UTC
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4. Take paid surveys on Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions)

Currently, it's quite possible that you don't have a survey available to you.
But don't worry. Several paid surveys will arrive by email within the next 24 hours.

Here is an example of a paid survey sent automatically by e-mail by Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions).
You just have to click on the "Start" button to be able to answer the paid survey received.
Note that you can complete this paid survey without having to enter your username and password. Which is quite practical and quick.

If you wish, you can also connect directly to the "Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions)" site with your login details and you will find the paid surveys available in the "Surveys" section of the site.

Important : don't test a survey site over a few days, but rather over 1 or 2 months.
Indeed, it's common for you to be excluded for the first few days. Persevere in proving to them that you are genuinely interested in their surveys and after a week or less you will be able to complete surveys without a problem.
Then, the more surveys you complete, the more they will trust you and the less you will be excluded. This means that you will be able to earn more and more easily money by answering their surveys.
But, take your time and read the questions carefully.

Whether you access a paid survey from the email you received or from your "Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions)" account, you will always find the same thing :

  • the "Start your survey" button to complete this survey
  • the subject of the survey
  • the duration of the survey
  • the reward you will get if you complete this paid survey

Important : take your time to answer the questions and read the questions carefully so as not to fall into the traps.
If "Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions)" realizes that you are not reading the survey questions, you will not end up getting surveyed again or being kicked out every time.

So, I repeat once again :

  • it's quite normal that you are often excluded during your first surveys on this site (or any other survey site for that matter), because they have to get to know you and you have to prove that you are genuinely interested in their site.
    So, persevere and it will work out after a few days eventually.
  • take your time and read the questions carefully to show them you're serious.

Please note : all paid surveys can only be accessed once. If you're starting a survey, end it. Otherwise, you will no longer be able to receive the reward associated with this paid survey.
However, you don't have to answer all the surveys. Although it's recommended to prove your seriousness in the long run.

Note that the surveys offered will sometimes be hosted by them, but they will also often be offered by partners (most of which are marketing research companies and others are more or less well-known survey sites).
When the survey is offered by a partner (as in this case by Ipsos iSay), once the survey is completed, you will be automatically redirected to the "Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions)" site for your reward.

When you are redirected to a partner site, it's possible that some questions are repeated.
Mainly : the language or your age.

Taking a paid survey isn't complicated.
Indeed, most of the questions are multiple choice.

But, from time to time, it's possible that an open question will appear.
Nothing complicated, I reassure you. But it gives this.

Warning : read the questions carefully to prove your seriousness, because you could come across trick questions.
These questions are there only to ensure the quality of the answers given by the members of "Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions)".

In general, these are very visible to a human.

But false answers can also creep into the middle of a large array of answers.

So, I repeat once again : take your time and read all the questions and answers carefully to really give your opinion and also be able to earn your rewards on "Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions)".

Note : the real answers are intentionally blurred in the image below, because it's forbidden to divulge the private information present in the paid surveys that you receive.

Once the survey is completed, you will see a message like this one.

You meet the criteria and have completed this survey. Your "Valued Opinions" account has been credited with the total amount.

If you wish, you can consult the history of the surveys that you have completed via the menu : Account -> History of surveys.

As you can see, the remuneration is always interesting (from 0.75 € to 1.5 € in our case).

Once you have completed all currently available surveys, the "No surveys are available at the moment" message will appear.

5. Get a reward on Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions)

Once you have accumulated at least 10 € in your "Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions)" account, you will be able to choose one of the rewards available in your country.
In the case of Belgium, therefore on "Votre Opinion", you will have the choice (currently) between gift cards of 10 € for the App Store and iTunes, Bol.com, Carrefour, Decathlon, Fnac, MediaMarkt, .. . or a € 20 virtual Mastercard (provided via the "Prepaid Digital Solutions" partner).

In my case, I use virtual Mastercard cards, because these then allow me to buy Amazon gift cards by paying for this one through the virtual Mastercard ordered here.
But, you can also choose any gift card offered by Votre Opinion (Valued Opinions). The procedure remains the same.

You click on the reward you want to obtain, then you click on the green "Payment" button.

You click "Continue".

Accept the terms and conditions related to the desired reward (if applicable) by clicking on : Accept terms and redemption.

The message "Congratulations! You have just placed your order" appears.

To see the history of orders you have made on "Votre Opinion", click on : Account -> Previous orders.

The history of requested rewards appears.

At the same time, you will receive 2 automatic emails from "Votre Opinion".

Then, a few minutes or days later (depending on the reward requested), you will receive your electronic gift card or electronic virtual Mastercard (if applicable).
For electronic gift cards, you will simply find the code of the desired electronic gift card in this email.
For virtual Mastercard cards, you will receive an email from "Prepaid Digital Solutions" with an "Access your card" button (which is an unique link).

In the case of the virtual Mastercard, you will also find the code (called "prepaid digital token") at the bottom of the email.
This code allows you to have a value of 20 € on the partner site which will allow you to obtain a virtual Mastercard.

If you want to use Prepaid Digital Solutions virtual Mastercard cards, refer to my article : Get a free prepaid virtual Mastercard card with Prepaid Digital Solutions.
As you can see, you will get a virtual Mastercard worth € 20 for free with :

  • its card number
  • its expiration date
  • its CVV code (security code)

For the name of the owner of the card, it will suffice to specify your first and last name as you entered them in your profile on the Prepaid Digital Solutions website.

As I explained to you previously, personally, I convert these virtual Mastercard cards to Amazon gift cards.
This simply allows me to make a purchase greater or less than the value of the virtual Mastercard obtained without being blocked by the value of it.
As I make clear in my article: Spend all the money of a virtual prepaid Mastercard card.

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