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NeoBux is one of the best PTC on the web and exists since 2008.

Previously, NeoBux was just behind Clixsense in the "paid clicks" section.
Nevertheless, now that Clixsense has definitely turned into GPT to enable us to earn more money, NeoBux is at the top of the rankings of paid click sites.

On NeoBux you will find :

  • the famous PTC in the "View Advertisements" section of the site.
  • the AdPrize : additional ads that allos you to earn up to $ 50 in 1 click if you're lucky. The principle is identical to the "ClixGrid" grids available on all PTCs.
    For every click made in the PTC, you will also get 3 AdPrize to use within 90 minutes after making your clicks in the PTC.
  • free offers in the "Offers" section of the site.
    Currently, NeoBux propose 8 offerwalls, including : TrialPay, Woobi (TokenAds), OfferToro, ...
  • Simple and paid tasks provided by CrowdFlower.

On NeoBux, there are 3 types of currencies :

  • Dollars : money earned directly in dollars by clicking in the PTC.
  • Coins : Coins can be obtained by completing free offers in the offerwalls available on NeoBux.
  • Points : Points can be obtained by making clicks in the PTC (1 click = 1 point) and with the AdPrize.

Coins can be converted to dollars from your NeoBux account.

Points can only be used on NeoBux :

  • to get a free Golden account : 30000 points = 1 year Golden membership
  • to recycle referrals or extend the rental period of a rented referral
  • to increase the limit of direct referrals that you can recruit

Other infos

  • 1000000 members
  • 17 daily clicks paid up to 0.001$ / click
  • Site created in 2008
  • Country where the server is located : US


Payment from 2 $

You can be paid via Payza, Neteller or Skrill.
Paypal is no longer available on NeoBux.

For the payout, it's $ 2 for the first payment.
Then, this payout will increase by $ 1 for each payment until reaching a fixed payout of $ 10.

Payments are instant.

Payment processors available

  • Neteller
  • Payza (AlertPay)
  • Skrill
  • Bank transfer

Latest payment's proofs

174.93 $
174.93 $

Referral program

Referral on 1 level : 10%

For direct referrals :
As a free member, you receive 10% of their earnings and as a VIP member (Golden) you receive 100% of their earnings.
Then, you also receive sponsorship commissions when your referrals make purchases on Neobux.
Nevertheless, these commissions will be credited 90 days later.

For rented referrals :
When you rent referrals on NeoBux, non-sponsoring members on NeoBux become your referrals for a specified period of time.
For this type of referral, you will receive 50% of their earnings as a free member and 100% of their earnings as a golden member.
Each rented referral costs $ 0.20 and is valid for 30 days.

Restriction for the sponsorship system :
To be eligible for recruitment and referral commissions, you must have been active on NeoBux for at least 15 days and have made at least 100 clicks in the PTC since you registered.
Then, you must make at least 4 clicks per day to get the next day's referral commissions.

Our opinion

Good PTC

Note : 4 / 5

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