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Star Clicks, a site owned by Easy Logic, is a PPC site that partners with other companies or individuals to increase their online traffic. Pay-Per-Click PPC means the money Publisher receive for each click on the ads.
At now Star-clicks accept all countries in the world.

This is all Memberships and cost for that on Star-clicks:

  • Silver - Free Gold - $19 per month
  • Platinum - $49 per month

So, here's how you can earn from Star-clicks.

Method 1 - Paid Ads : When you log in to the site, you can view all the available ads you can view under the PPC Ads tab. Click on a ad and simply wait for the page to load completely. Once the page is finished loading you can close it and move to the next ad. You will get paid $0.01 for each ad you click. Platinum members will receive $0.02 for each ad they click. This is Daily Earning by clicking ads for different membership on Star-clicks: Silver Membership - > $0.10 -$ 0.11 Gold Membership -> $ 0.8 - $1.5 Platinum -> $4 - $7.

Method 2 - Referral Program: Star-clicks also has a referral program. When someone join using your referral link you will receive $0.08.If they upgrade to gold membership, you will receive $5. If they upgrade to to platinum membership you will receive $10. This values for silver members only. Gold and Platinum member will get 25% Higher paid for each referral.

Method 3 - HTML code: Gold and Platinum members can access HTML code. You can put that code in to your blog or website. When someone who visit your site or blog, click on that ad (which generate by Html code) then you get paid. Minimum payout for Silver and Gold member is $50. Platinum members haven't minimum limit. But all members can get auto payout star from $10.

Advantages :

  • Offers payment via PayPal
  • Available globally

Cons :

  • High payout threshold
  • Are not transparent about auto-pay condishons

Other infos

  • 1000000 members
  • Site created in 2008
  • Country where the server is located : US


Payment from 50 $

Payment processors available

  • Western Union
  • PayPal
  • Credit cards
  • Bank transfer
  • Bitcoin

Dernière preuve de paiement

No payment proof available for this site

Referral program

Referral on 3 levels : $0.1 / $5 / $7

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Review published on 10 March 2019 UTC