Fnac is a chain of stores present in Belgium and France with 11 stores in Belgium and 155 in France.
Originally, Fnac was present only in France and has existed since 1954.

Fnac is also 2 e-commerce (1 for Belgium and the other for France) whose principle is similar to Amazon.

  • new products sold by Fnac
  • others (new or used) sold by individuals

On the Fnac sites, you will find the following categories of products :

  • books and comics
  • tickets for shows and concerts
  • music CDs
  • video games and consoles
  • DVDs and Blu-Ray
  • computer equipment
  • smartphones, connected objects and accessories for smartphones and tablets
  • gift boxes : Bongo, Vivabox, ...

 The advantages of these sites are :

  • follow the trend : because people buy more online rather than in physical stores)
  • for Belgium : to offer you a free home delivery from 20 € of purchases
  • for France offer you a free home delivery (from 20 € according to certain conditions and what types of items you buy)
  • offer you a delivery in store (in 1 day)
  • offer you flash sales, as well as discounts up to 50% for Belgium and up to 80% for France.

Other infos


You can pay by :
- credit cards : VISA / MasterCard, American Express and Maestro
- other cards : Cyrillus, Fnac and Printemps
- PayPal
- phone

To save money on Fnac, you will be able to use :
- electronic Fnac gift cards
- discount codes
- other gift cards (vouchers) : Kadeos Ticket, Fnac, illicado, ...

Payment processors available

  • Credit cards
  • PayPal
  • Gift cards

Our opinion

E-shops of the Fnac allowing you to obtain discounts online and to receive your products in a physical Fnac store or at home.

Note : 3 / 5

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Review published on 18 November 2018 UTC by mondegains