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Kono-Surf is an exchange site of likes, shares, ... using the Powerful Exchange System PRO script like most likes exchange sites.

On Kono-Surf, you can earn points :

  • by following Askinger accounts and performing likes
  • by promoting a CPM banner
  • by liking pages, publications and photos on Facebook
  • by clicking on the +1 buttons of Google+
  • by following Instagram accounts and liking photos on this same site.
  • by listening to music and following SoundCloud accounts.
  • by tweeting, retweet and following accounts on Twitter
  • by watching and liking videos on Youtube
  • and more.

Supported social networks

Other infos

  • 2896 members
  • Integrated viewer Integrated viewer available
  • Site created in 2014
  • Country where the server is located : DE


Payment from 1 €

You will be paid between the 1st and the 15th of the month.

Payment processors available

  • PayPal

Dernière preuve de paiement

No payment proof available for this site

Referral program

Referral on 1 level : 111 points + 0,11$ + 11%

You earn 111 points + $ 0.11 per referral who registers via your referral link + 11% of his spending on the site.
Warning : your referral must make at least 100 exchanges (likes, shares, ...) so that you receive your sponsorship commissions.

Our opinion

Site of likes, shares, subscribers, ... exchange for the most known social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, ...)

Note : 5 / 5

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