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Shopmium is a site and a mobile application that will reimburse your purchases (for current offers available on the the site) and that allows you to test :

  • food : Mikado, waffles, butter, ...
  • non-food : liquid dishes, liquid soap, ...

Previously, Shopmium was available only in the United Kingdom and in France. But, Shopmium is now also accessible from Belgium (since on 23 April 2018).

Important : products reimbursed by Shopmium vary according to the time and the refund is often partial (x % for such or such product).
Except for the welcome offer (a free Mikado in Belgium) where the product is 100% refunded.

To receive your refunds, it's simple :

  • you check out the listing (offers refund) available on Shopmium
  • you buy the product you want in your usual store
  • you send a picture of your proof of purchase (shop ticket) to Shopmium
  • you will be refunded via PayPal or directly on your Bank account (you can choose)

Warning : generally, you can be refunded 1 times per product maximum.

Currently, in September 2018, Shopmium refund your 1st Mikado.

To do this, download the Shopmium app from the Play Store or the App store and register from this mobile application.
Then, click on the "menu" icon located at the top left and go to : Add a promo code.

Enter our referral code "ey93t" and click on : Discover my gift.

And you can enjoy a Mikado (milk chocolate) 100% refunded.

Important : you have 8 days to buy them and send your proof of purchase to Shopmium.

Other infos

  • 3000000 members
  • Country where the server is located : US


You are refund via PayPal or Bank transfer (you can choose).

Payment processors available

  • PayPal
  • Bank transfer

Latest payment's proofs

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Referral program

Referral on 1 level : 3€

You win 3 € per referral (from the time they will receive their 1st refund).


Our opinion

A good trusted site that reimburses your purchases in store (based on offers on their site).

Note : 5 / 5

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