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GFK ConsumerJury is a special site of GFK (and more specifically of GfK Panel Services Benelux).
GFK is a German company existing since 1934 and GFK exists in Belgium for 50 years.

Unlike traditional survey sites that ask for your opinion on different brands, products or services, GFK ConsumerJury will ask you to enter monthly what you bought and/or consumed.

Among your purchases, you will need to encode :

  • your purchases of baby shoes and clothes (if applicable)
  • your purchases of shoes, clothing and pants
  • your meals taken outside (at a restaurant, a fast-food, ...)
  • your purchases of flowers or plants
  • your fashion accessories, such as sunglasses, ...
  • your purchases of toys for children or for adults
  • your high-tech shopping : photo albums, picture frames, ...
  • etc.

This list is updated periodically by GFK.
So, the list above may be incomplete.

Once registered on GFK ConsumerJury, you will receive directly a first survey by e-mail. This survey will only take you about 5 minutes and you will already earn a few points.

Then, each month, you will also receive one survey, but this is not the 1st goal of this site.

Conditions for registration :

  • you must be resident in Belgium
  • you must be at least 15 years old

Other infos

  • 20000 members
  • Country where the server is located : DE


Payment from 15 €

You get paid through :
- gift cards (sodexo) with a value of 15 €
- bongo coupons

If you wish, you can also make a donation to villa roserood.

Payment processors available

  • Gift cards

Latest payment's proofs

Les preuves de paiement pour les sites fermés ont été supprimées du serveur pour économiser l'espace disque.

Referral program

Referral on 1 level : 150 points + 50 points + 2500 points

You receive :
150 points when your referral registers on GFK ConsumerJury via the invitation you sent to him.
+ 50 points when your referral completes his first survey
+ 2500 points when your referral has clotured his month (encoding his purchases and meals taken outside) 3 times in a row.


Our opinion

Trusted site with an unique concept created by the famous GFK company. As expected, GFK honored the payments before closing the site :-)

Note : 3 / 5

Review published on 17 August 2017 UTC by