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What You Expect is a panel managed by Ipsos (also author of the famous survey site "Ipsos iSay") which allows you to earn money by answering surveys.

Each month, you will be invited to a single survey lasting about 30 minutes and paid 150 points (1.5 €).
So, there are very few surveys (12 per year), but the money goes up faster since the surveys offered are much longer.

This "What You Expect" panel is reserved for adults (over 18) and moreover, if you are not an adult, you will not understand the questions asked.
Indeed, unlike other survey sites where there is no special need to think in order to be able to answer the questions, here the questions are more complicated to understand.

Other infos

  • Country where the server is located : DE


Payment from 5 €

You can get an Amazon.fr gift card or donate to a charity from € 5.

The sending of gift cards is instantaneous, but is managed via the GoGift site.
Which allows you to get gift cards for Amazon.fr, Decathlon, H&M, ...

Payment processors available

  • Gift cards

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5 €
5 €

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Our opinion

Only 12 surveys per year, but each paid 1.5 € which is profitable compared to the time spent on this site.

Note : 3 / 5

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