Ask GFK is one of the many survey sites created by GFK (a German company).
GFK is a leading marketing company in Germany and has been operating since 1934.

The particularity of Ask GFK is to accept 21 different countries, Switzerland, the United States and many others.

The surveys available on Ask GFK are always created at the request of their different clients (known companies as Coca or Delhaize, but also lesser known companies, such as startups, etc.).

On Ask GFK you will find surveys related to these sectors :

  • Automotive : brands and models of cars, fuel type, ...
  • Finance : banking, insurance, financial investments, ...
  • Leisure and travel : your hobbies, your sports habits, your favorite brands for flights and hotels, ...
  • Health : food, drinks, favorite fast food, ...
  • Media : paper and electronic newspapers (on the Internet), television, radio, ...
  • Products : the different products you buy and/or use. Food products, cleaning products, high-tech, ...
  • Technology : computers, tablets, smartphones, connected objects, ...

In short, the surveys they propose are varied and they obviously change over time. While some surveys may return periodically to allow companies to track the evolution of their products and/or services.

Note : si vous résidez en Belgique, inscrivez-vous sur "Online GFK".

Other infos

  • 100000 members
  • Country where the server is located : DE


Payment from 10 €

Payments are made on the 15th of the next month and by bank transfer only.

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  • Bank transfer

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Worldwide survey site created by GFK

Note : 2 / 5

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