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Online GFK is a Belgian site of paid surveys.
As the name suggests, Online GFK was created by GFK, which has been in existence since 1934 and is the largest market research institute in Germany.

Most of the time, Online GFK will only offer their own surveys. This means that surveys will be less frequent on this site, but you will be able to answer them very easily on computer, on tablets and even on smartphone. In addition, you will never be excluded in the middle of a survey. Which is still very interesting.

Exceptionally, Online GFK may invite you to test products, as was the case with a product that we had the opportunity to test from june to august 2020.

Most of the time, the surveys are remunerated between 0.50 € and 1 €.
Note : profile surveys (screener) are not remunerated, but will allow you to continue to receive surveys adapted to your profile (age, location, habits, ...).

Conditions of access to the panel

You must reside in Belgium.

If you live in another country, register on another GFK survey site:

Other infos

  • Country where the server is located : DE


Payment from 10 €

You can get gift cards through the Gfk Reward Center or donate money earned to 11.11.11.

New : since July 2018, thanks to the Gfk Reward Center, you will also be able to obtain gift cards for :
- Bongo
- Carrefour
- Décathlon
- Zalando
- and more

Warning : sodexo gift cards are no longer available since 03/16/2020.

Payment processors available

  • Gift cards

Dernière preuve de paiement

10 €
10 €

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Referral program

Referral on 1 level : 200 points

You receive 200 points for every friend you invite to Online GFK.


Our opinion

Trusted Belgian survey site created by GFK

Note : 4 / 5

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