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LifePoints Panel is a panel created by the National Family Opinion, NFO and TNS which itself was founded in 1946.

LifePoints Panel currently has more than 5 million users and members registered on GlobalTestMarket and Mysurvey have been migrated there.

Previously, there was an application on LifePoints, but it was removed following the launch of their new site : LifePoints Panel.

Now, LifePoints Panel is managed by Lightspeed Research (the company that manages GTM and MySurvey) which is behind this rebranding.
In summary, it's simply a change of name on their part and a migration of users of their 2 panels to LifePoints Panel.

For LifePoints Panel, this is a survey site with a community of 5 million members who will be paid to give their opinion on different things (travel, sports, ...) and especially on products and services offered by companies in their country.

Registration bonus : 10 LifePoints

Conditions to register on this panel

You must be at least 14 years old and reside in a country accepted by LifePoints Panel.
If this is not the case yet, you will see a red banner appear at the top of their site.

Currently, LifePoints Panel is accessible from many countries.

Other infos

  • 5000000 members
  • Script used : Lightspeed (Valid license)
  • Country where the server is located : US


Payment from 5 €

The rewards offered by LifePoints Panel are available through Perksplus.
Which allows you to get for free :
- Paypal payments
- gift cards
- Fnac gift cards
- Ikea gift cards
- iTunes gift cards
- Marionnaud gift cards
- Sephora gift cards
- Sporeka electronic gift cards (Decathlon)
- Zalando gift cards
- gourmet invitations
- donations to UNICEF

Payment processors available

  • Gift cards
  • PayPal

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Our opinion

Panel succeeding Global Test Market and MySurvey and which allows to quickly earn money.

Note : 5 / 5

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