PTC (Paid To Click)

PTC are sites where you get paid to click on links.

There are a large number of PTC on the internet and you will see that these sites almost always use these paid scripts : EvolutionScript, Incentive Scripts, ...

By registering on PTC, you can earn a little money in 2 ways :

  • by clicking on the links available in the PTC
  • by renting referrals and recycling them at the right time (if necessary)

PTC sites also allow to promote other paid sites, your personal website, your blog, ...

PTC sites are therefore convenient to easily earn some money on the internet and/or promote the sites you want.

Neobux is an exception to the rule by also proposing free offers to be completed via offerwalls.

Important : Clixsense is no longer a PTC, because he has definitely turned into a GPT site (get paid to ... site) on July 17, 2017. This is a very good news.

Earnings on these sites are low, because available clicks are always paid up to $0.02 / click.
Warning : If the PTC where you register offers clicks at more than $0.02/click, it's probably a scam.

Sites comparative

Name Server / Site Review / Status
US paidtoclick
US | 11148 Doubtful
US retrobux
US | 1308 Doubtful
US silverclix
US | 166383 Doubtful
unknown surfads
DE Doubtful
US Trafikclix
US Doubtful
unknown youclickx
DE Doubtful
US adscare
US Scam
US Scam
US brainbux
US | 34664 Scam
US Clixcare
US Scam

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