Paid surveys

Paid survey sites are a real way to make big money on the Internet. It's legal and free.

Surveys sites exist and will continue to exist, because the marketing is everywhere.
And to allow marketing research companies to know our needs and our opinions about their brands, their products and/or their services, they will need to send their surveys to the concerned persons (so, us).

Finally, know that marketing budgets are very high and that is why these surveys sites allow you to earn a lot of money in a short time.

Tips : register on several surveys sites to receive some surveys frequently and quickly earn more money through these sites.
And intelligently answer to these surveys. You may be rewarded one day with an interesting product test.

The money earned when you complete a survey is always adapted to the time it will take to complete it.
Each survey can be paid up to 2.5 $ or more in some cases.
Especially for surveys paid 4 $ proposed by through ySense (Clixsense).

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Name Server / Site Review / Status
FR What You Expect
5€ | 1.5 € / month
DE 3
8 proofs
FR atapoll
IE | 10000 Trusted
FR-US SurveyPronto
NL Trusted

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Name Server / Site Review / Status
10€ | 20€ / month
DE | 100000 2
FR-US Le monde de demain (World of Tomorrow)
BE 2
FR Mon avis media
US Trusted
FR Quot’&Vous (TNS Sofres)
DE Trusted
unknown GfK Panel
DE 4
FR Ciné Lab by Sony
DE 3
FR-US Listen to your senses
US 3